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List of World's Best Drummer 2015

List of World's Best Drummer 2015

 - With the number of bands that exist in the world of music in the last few years can take the conclusion that the trend of the band was still very popular at all in which we see every year its number of bands in attendance continues to increase very high. Tetnu course this is a quite encouraging achievement in the world of music, especially the bands that are now increasing in number, and we know also to membentu a band is not an easy thing to do because it takes a lot of process to be followed such as finding the exact personnel has the vision and the same taste in music so that the works of the songs that will be released would be very nice also to be shown to all his fans. Among all the roles that exist within a band we see the role of a drummer is very important that we Liha where the presence of a drummer, the music will certainly make the music produced will be bagu anyway.

The amount of the drummer that exist today in the world of music we see the numbers can not be counted again as the band continued to arrive in the world of music where it becomes a quite encouraging achievement for all of us it. For you fans of drummer drummer certainly have your idol each one that you like better than their ability to play or produce music of drummer drummer itself is certainly very interesting and nice for us to listen as music fans. Nowadays we know there are a lot of amount of drummer that has existed in the world of music where many of them, which certainly has a very outstanding quality once the drummer play that seemed to have become an important part of their lives. Surely many of you who feel curious and want to know who's the best drummer in the world for current and to this day are still highly favored once by her fans. We see that John Bonham managed to be the best drummer's list for 2015 is that we know the quality of a drummer in playing drums nor can we doubt all of it and also there are many other drummer very classy at all.

List of Best Drummer World 2015


John Bonham


Neil Peart


Keith Moon


Buddy Rich


Dave Grohl


Ginger Baker


Phil Collins


Stewart Copeland


Mike Portnoy


Gene Krupa

List of Best Drummer list data DuniaPada world's best drummer in 2015 we see that John Bonham was found to be the best drummer in the world for the year in which indeed we have seen that the quality of a John Bonham will make us all in awe. Then in the next sequence we see the Nile Peart is also a world-class drummer in which he has shown all the qualities possessed in himself and his various achievements that have been produced over the years. In the third place we see no drummer Keith Moon is also a very accomplished once where he successfully generate a lot of works that are very nice and there is also a lot of other drummer that we can see in the list given below and hopefully we can all learn from the existing senior drummer.

11 Bill Bruford
12 Ian Paice
13 Carl Palmer
14 Mitch Mitchell
15 Alex Van Halen
16 Ringo Starr
17 Danny Carey
18 Charlie Watts
19 Nick Mason
20 Bill Ward
21 Nicko McBrain
22 Mick Fleetwood
23 Billy Cobham
24 Travis Barker
25 Terry Bozzio
26 Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan
27 Carter Beauford
28 Dave Lombardo
29 Jeff Porcaro
30 Cozy Powell
31 Chad Smith
32 Steve Gadd
33 Lars Ulrich
34 Roger Taylor
35 Carmine Appice
36 Buddy Miles
37 Vinnie Colaiuta
38 Taylor Hawkins
39 Vinnie Paul
40 Max Roach
41 Art Blakey
42 Max Weinberg
43 John Densmore
44 Mike Mangini
45 Elvin Jones
46 Matt Cameron
47 Chester Thompson
48 Simon Phillips
49 Tommy Aldridge
50 Steve Smith
51 Tommy Lee
52 Rick Allen
53 Roger Meddows Taylor
54 Dave Weckl
55 Phil Rudd
56 Jimmy Chamberlin
57 Alan White
58 Michael Shrieve
59 Tony Williams
60 Tim Alexander
61 Omar Hakim
62 Ansley Dunbar
63 Dennis Chambers
64 Bernard "Pretty" Purdie
65 THe Rev
66 Shela E
67 Josh Freese
68 Eric Carr
69 Greg Bissonette
70 Kenny Aronoff
71 Joe Morello
72 Peter Criss
73 Tre Cool
74 Mike Bordin
75 Karen Carpenter
76 Jack DeJohnette
77 Don Henley
78 Steven Adler
79 Louie Bellson
80 Zak Starkey
List of the world's best drummer in 2015 above is subject to change at any time and may be useful for all of you who want her to know who's the best drummer's roster in 2015.
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