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Basic Techniques for Beginners Drum Sticking

Basic Techniques for Beginners Drum Sticking

1. Teknik Memegang Stick.
There are 2 kinds of ways hold the right stick is Traditional Matched Grip and Grip.
  • Tradisional Grip
    This technique is most often used the flow Drummer Jazz, Blues, and the Rocker era '60s. GA ACTUALLY THERE A PROBLEM with FLOW, depending on how we wrote which were tasty dipake. How to hold it can mate tough in the image below.
    Tradisional Grip
  • Matched Grip
    This technique is often mate tough on-Drummer drummer on his general. This technique also has two methods:
    Hand Closed (Closed Hand), where the technique is holding the stick as a whole as well as relying on the power of the arm and wrist arm buddy, so do not be surprised if playing with technique Closed Hand tired. and engineering
    Hand Open (Open Hand), how to hold it together with colsed hand, only this technique prefer the thumb and forefinger to hold the stick, while the other fingers are used to push the stick so that when hit will create reflections on the drum. Can mate clay in the image below.
Matched Grip (Closed Hand)

Matched Grip (Open Hand)

2. Teknik Sticking
If you want to play the drum course at the Sob ga origin, certainly also need training in order to smooth the rolling and so forth. Well, there are various patterns in sticking techniques, but at its base that is often used in basic training, namely:
Single Stroke which hit alternately RLR L. and
Double Stroke hit two reflections RR RR LL LL.
Highly recommended to expedite Single Stroke advance for the novice drummer pal for smooth play. Do exercises sticking every day for at least 10 minutes to stretch the muscles in the arm. No need significant fast stable, especially if my friend had Drummer metronome tempo or regulating device in order to let more stable mate punches. It is more effective than doing it one Sunday for 5 hours.
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