Thursday, 30 April 2015

How do I train using five fingers fingering

Hello friends, meet again. This time, I will share a little bit about how to train fingering using five fingers in classical guitar (fingerstyle). I'll try to bring you practice fingering by using the five fingers at once.

I think the most exciting thing of playing fingerstyle is playing a harmony between rytem, ​​bass and melody into a single unit in a single guitar.

Now if we look, people rarely plays guitar using excerpts engineering / fingering. This may also be due to the music booming at the moment not many are using the techniques of passage.

Some time ago I was asked by my friend, how to train fingering to play the classical guitar? I was actually confused to answer because I had never participated les guitar especially classical guitar.

But the first time I was in high school, I was told by a senior of how to train the right finger to pluck with 5 fingers. If yes formulated approximately as follows:

pinkie = string 1
ring finger = string 2
middle finger = string 3
forefinger = string 4
thumb = strings 5 ​​and 6

Well, why the placement of the fingers on the strings is important because with the division as above facilitate the work of our fingers. Imagine if we just use the thumb and index finger alone. Is that one wrong? Of course not, but we should pay attention to the technical aspects.
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