Thursday, 30 April 2015

5 best guitar effect in 2015

5 best guitar effect in 2015

1. Line6 DL4

Line6 DL4

This effect serves as a producer of sound reflections (delay) on guitar. This effect is suitable for use when playing the song british, gospel, and pop.

2. Line6 Verbzilla
Line6 Verbzilla
Line 6 Verbzilla serves as Reverb that can help the guitarist "Single" produces sound "pad" on the keyboard so no longer need to make a sound pad keyboard. Behind privilege these effects, there remain shortcomings. This effect can not be used continuously since it can eliminate the bridge on the guitar tone.

3. Boss FV-500H
Boss FV-500H
Boss pedal is very useful for the young guitarist that relies heavily on the game when the volume on stage. Besides its function is quite satisfactory, his performance was very interesting when the pedal is in the pedalboard a guitarist.

4. Boss CE-5
Boss CE-5
Boss Chorus Ensemble, the effect is one of the most interesting effects. This effect can produce a sound that can not be explained with words. This effect serves as a "sweetener" in a song. Boss CE-5 is perfect paired with Line6 Line6 DL4 and Verbzilla.

5. Boss PS-6
Boss PS-6
Boss PS-6 or known by the name "Harmonist" has two different functions. The first function is that this effect can produce sound division and the second function is that these effects can result in "Pitch Shifter" or can be said to raise a voice one octave of sound produced.
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