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10 Death Metal Album Of All Time best

peace love death metal

Death Metal is a sub-genre of Metal music is harder than metal. So perhaps the easiest description to explain this kind of music. So, if you've heard ... For example, Metallica. Well this is much harder.

This music is very loud music. Certainly not the only kind of music I listen to. But the only genre I can listen in all circumstances and mood. Musically, death metal does not directly affect the music that I wrote with my band, Puppen. If there is, only a few series of riffs course, which I like and feel is appropriate.

Briefly. Before reading any further, I'm not interested in arguing about "music genre". Because for me now, the music genre is just a tool to compose music in the Spotify catalog. Made into something that is worthy of debate by ... who knows by whom. But I do not want to come. So if you want to debate, please debate itself. Tumben did I make posting lists and album reviews. I did this last routine was 10-11 years ago, when I was often contribute in magazines surf and skateboard. I was lazy to make a review. Because usually so debate. Do not understand why the review of the album could be a debate. Yes love-love that the reviews just want to say anything.

However, a review which is responsible always have the background. The list also has a reason. The factors that cause albums can be entered into the list is as follows:

The album should be in Spotify. So I can still enjoy today.
This is a personal opinion of what I hear and feel, not a history lesson Death Metal. So do not complain if there is no album of Venom.
This is the best of the best. For instance I can only listen to 10 live death metal album, it means I will choose what is on the list below.
I also chose from its listenability side. So it is a very important factor of production. My background as a guitarist and producer can not fool my own feelings. For me, good material so it is not good if it is not supported production. Behavior problems album so, yes it is a result of it. Because the material (mean + production) are nice.
I just wanted to pick one album for the first band.
If you say, "Gee albums mainstream, less 'strange'!". Then, f * ck you!
So, after a few months reminisce on Spotify, I was reminded of how I can be very happy with death metal. The cause is the albums below:

1. Entombed "Clandestine"

Sad when I have to choose only one album of Entombed, because Wolverine Blues and Left Hand Path also really good. But of the three, Clandestine most special because it is a transition album they become modern Entombed. So special, for me this album is the best death metal album of all time. In addition Crawl for me is the best death metal song of all time.

2. Dismember "Death Metal"
Compared to all that are in this list, an album from this Swedish band release youngest. So production has been more modern than others. But it does not reduce the levels of keklasikannya. Metal guitar for fans like me, this album will never run so material to play air guitar.

3. At The Gates "Slaughter of the Soul"
This album is the last album before their hiatus and reunion to make the comeback album "At War With Reality 2014" Slaughter of the Soul "opens with a phenomenal by the song" Blinded By Fear "quick and straighforward. Musical technique required a very high to be able to play a melodic guitar over a drum beat fast with herb production sound that in-your-face like this. It is impossible not to get into the list of the best albums of all time to me.

4. Napalm Death "diatribes"

This album is very special because there was a story that I will never forget. One day Puppen registered for a gig on the show Full Moon Cafe by Arian. The event was held in the evening of the full moon roof Sabuga building, Bandung. It is the second time execution. Which came intellectuals. Ie they are mostly lecturers, students and alumni of ITB. The committee does not know at all what kind of band Puppen it. That they know the band Puppen "rock". Even when a technical meeting a few days before the event, Arians still asked, "Mas Arian, Puppen wear flickey his rock acoustic guitar or electric?". While pairs of plain face (imagine), he replied, "Electric". Hahaha Arian bitch.

In the meantime we have prepared separately "Greed Killing" from the album as the opening song. The D-day, we train a special song for soundcheck. I forgot what song, but the song is not noisy, so as not suspicious. Finally escaped, we do not get caught so the metal band. Later that night, we were called to go on stage. The first song has been running for less than a minute, the audience, at least sitting on the front, broke up. Ha Ha Ha.

5. Strapping Young Lad "City"

I do not know this influx of death metal or not. But really noisy. Like! Moreover, Devin Townsend could meet at the Golden Gods 2013! \ M /

6. Carcass "Heartwork"

Difficult to decide where the best album from this British musician. My choice stops on this album and "Swansong". But finally I chose this because it is hard and has continuity with their last album "Surgical Steel". From the first track to the end, top. Satisfied.

7. Deicide "Deicide"
I can this album cassette format of Rully, a friend of the Reserve who migrated to America in 1992. Classic.

8. Obituary "Cause Of Death"
This album came out when I was beginning to learn to play electric guitar in 1990. What caught my attention at that time was John Tardy vocal sound. Edan.

9. In Flames "Colony"
Choosing the best album of In Flames is even more difficult than Carcass. I go back and forth trying to choose between this album, Whoracle, Clayman and Soundtrack To Your Escape. But best Colony. Glad to watch this band in London.

10. Death "Spiritual Healing"
At that time, this album is an album whose music is the loudest I've heard. Legendary.
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